Risk Management Plan

If you haven't assessd the risk of CSE you will need to do so before planning how to manage them. Either download the assessment documents or use the online version to do this.

Once you have a clear idea about the risks involved in the case you will need to plan to manage them. You should already have some notes on this from the summative assessment record of actions taken and suggested intervetnions. Besides this the guidance includes further information about specific indicators of expoitation and advice on disruption and investigation tactics, police powers and resources to use when working with children, young people, and their peers, parents, carers and families.

This document is provided as a template to help plan risk management. It is not the only way to do this and your organisation may have specific procedures for you to follow. Check your safeguarding policy and discuss your plans with Desgnated Officers, your supervisor and colleagues. Remember, sharing our concerns and what we intend to do about these will help us to see the limitations of our own thinking and explore ideas that we would otherwise not think of.